We are NRICompe

Embrace your needs with love and care

Experience uplifting in-home care that nourishes the soul.

As an NRI, you might face numerous challenges on a daily basis. Do you have extended family members consisting elderly members, children or someone who need your support, living in another country? You are at the right place! Let us help you.

NRICompe is a company built with the objective of helping NRI residents face daily challenges they face. Our services will help you maintain a strong bond with your family members who live far away from you and reduce the communication gap through your direct involvement with them. The NRICompe is a perfect platform for the NRIs since we offer a wide array of services for your rental, legal and utility payment requirements. You can trust us to handle all processes smoothly and efficiently!

We are NRICompe

Unwavering Trust Throughout the Journey

Reliability is the our primary focus and the heart of our NRI services. Join our family to experience

Our mission is to provide the finest, most professional services to our clients, exceeding their expectations and delivering total satisfaction.

  1. Equipped with the best professionals
  2. High quality personal care
  3. Built on trust
  4. Easy to request service
  5. Personalized Consultancy from domain experts
  6. Uniquely tailored services